Hypnotherapy Training Standards

In February 2011, a united profession finally put in place agreed national standards for the training of hypnotherapists. Following a profession wide consultation process, these standards have subsequently been revised and updated. Whilst flexibility in theoretical underpinning and approach has been retained, a core curriculum and learning outcomes mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy must be incorporated within any Practitioner Level course of training that wishes to ensure its graduates will meet the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (the profession’s Voluntary Regulator) and the GHSC criteria for individual practitioner registration within the GHR beyond 1st March 2019.

The relevant document relating to these requirements may be viewed from the below link:

N.B. For an initial 2 years trial period,commencing June 2022 and terminating at the end of September 2024 (or later where courses already running at the time had not yet completed), students may undertake their training via relevant and appropriate remote means (e.g. Zoom) as a ‘Virtual Classroom’ option to physical, in-person attendance. Whereas following successful completion of a GHSC accredited Practitioner Level course via this option graduates would be eligible for Practitioner status registration within the GHR, they would not be eligible for registration within the hypnotherapy section of the Complementary& Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

To avoid any misunderstanding, the same core curriculum must be followed as for the current in-person training with the exception that the 120 guided learning hours with the simultaneous physical presence of the student and the lecturer, supervisor or tutor would be replaced with a simultaneous virtual presence.


You may search for a hypnotherapy training course that adheres to the above training standards via our website’s hypnotherapy training course search facility. Please click the below link: