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‘Hypnowoman’ is a term given to me by my many students and clients. No matter what my company name has been during my many years in this wonderful Profession, I am continually referred to on radio and in the press as ‘Hypnowoman’ . Learning Hypnotherapy is intriguing, exciting and compelling and once you know a little about how to harness the power of the mind it may propel you into possibility and positivity in many areas of life.
A professional trainer and assessor in the legal world since 1994, I learned NLP initially to add the skills to my academic profile and was quickly captivated by a world of powerful unconscious communication and deep hypnosis phenomena.
Putting those skills to good use immediately, by opening my own hypnotherapy practice,I also found the value and positive effect it had on my established training company and I opened my GHR NLP and Hypnotherapy Training School in 2004. Since then I have taught many hundreds of successful, happy hypnotherapists around the globe. Yes, I am passionate about guiding others to qualify in this career to the highest standard. So enamoured was I by what could so easily be remedied and positively achieved by communicating directly with the unconscious mind, I wrote the book on it; well 39 of them in fact, at the time of writing! I teach The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP and you can find the accompanying textbook now on Amazon. After being a very formal host to high level legal workflows for so very long, I softened the formal approach and devised interesting ways to convey highly complex information more enjoyably and easily. I now host around three intensive courses a year and specialise in smaller groups which enjoy this more informal approach with a huge amount of real time practise.
Yes I also teach the Advanced Diploma. There are still only ten schools worldwide that are accredited to teach the General Hypnotherapy Standard Council’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma. I am honoured to be one of them and delight in sharing the more advanced processes with those who wish to further their hypnotic skills to the higher levels. I am interviewed regularly to talk about all things academic, magical and mystical regarding hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Magnetism and Mesmerism.
You will find me teaching in the Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust though also travelling far and wide to deliver modules elsewhere and coach and assess my students and help graduates develop into Advanced Practitioners.Yes, this is one of the best jobs you can do and I value the opportunity to teach you too if you, like me, love hypnosis.

About our Trainers

Jennie Kitching is a prolific author and teacher of matters of unconscious communication, delivering presentations and after dinner speeches with humour and enthusiasm drawing on her extensive knowledge base and vast experience in the field.

‘Jennie is an amazing trainer who I have just studied with to gain a clinical diploma in NLP and hypnotherapy. I found the training very engaging and witnessed many other students’ transformations as well as my own. I feel blessed to have found Jennie. Rosemary Bruce, Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher & Hypnotherapist’

Teaching hundreds of Diploma Graduates some with Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner status with the GHR, she began as Head of Training and Development, coaching people in both public and private sectors to develop their performance standards.

‘Jennie has been an absolute inspiration and has taken me on a journey of a lifetime. After 20 years in training myself, and recognising us trainers can be challenging to train, it has been a real pleasure working with and being trained by someone with such a deep and detailed knowledge of their subject, whilst bringing it to life in the most creative and thought provoking way. Everyone should have some Jennie in their life! Cheryl Marlow, Bevhavioural and Business Improvement Specialist’

Jennie was awarded her first training qualification in 1994, designing and delivering complex corporate systems and courseware.

Qualifications: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP; Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, GHSC Accredited School; Professional Trainer (D32/33) since 1994; Certified Master Hypnotist; Certified Louise Hay Teacher; NLP Certified Practitioner; Certified EMDR (Eyes Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Therapist. Acknowledged Expert Writer in the field of Hypnotherapy, Magnetism and Mesmerism and in the Enneagram of Personality, Quantum Psychology and the art of Hypnotic Poetry.

‘I have been a student and colleague of Jennie who I have found Jennie to be very skilled and talented in the field of Hypnosis and related Therapies, having witnessed her work first hand. Her knowledge is exceptional, and I and no doubt, many others are grateful for her willingness to continue to support and help her many students and fellow colleagues with this often difficult profession. Jennie Bowden Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner’

Jennie has authored a large collection of books within the field of unconscious communication and training. She has featured in several publications and radio broadcasts, treated celebrity clients and has been interviewed by BBC Radio many times over the years. She travels home and abroad presenting techniques and continues to assess at many levels. She is a performance poet and enjoys advising on course development, script editing and public speaking.

Training Courses, Accreditation & Fees


•Accredited Diploma Training Course with The GHSC, giving you these letters after your name: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DHyp), plus Certificate in Master Hypnotism (CMH), plus certification as an NLP Practitioner (CPNLP).

•Course duration:

•Number of practical/classroom hours 140

•Supportive classroom environment: theory and demonstration of focussed modules, presentations and discussions, together with time for the group to put into practise what has been learned. Delegates are also required to complete homework assignments. Assessment takes place throughout. Total tuition and study hours inc.self study, expected 450 hours.



•Completion of the course leads to the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy giving the letters AdvDipH after your name. PLUS: Graduates from this course (who have already qualified at Practitioner status) are eligible for professional registration at Advanced Practitioner Level, provided that they have been in Practice for at least two years. This will additionally give the letters ADPR after your name.

•Course duration:12 months – Distance Learning at own pace (in-personal tuition available)

•Number of practical/classroom hours: varied – as much as is practicable to complete criteria.

•The course is a rolling self-paced course so you can begin at any time and complete it as fast or slow as you wish.

•The Advanced Diploma encourages academic, critical and reflective thinking on practice, learning and ethics. Delegates are required to complete 30 questions which are a mix of multiple choice, short and essay type questions; there is also client casework to be completed, two vignettes and ongoing completion of a Reflective Journal. The textbook is available on Amazon, giving a detailed analysis of the course.


Further Information

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The Hypnowoman | Senior Advanced Hypnotherapist / Blogger & Author / Professional NLP and Hypnotherapy College Teacher. Part-time human

‘5 stars The ONE book to read about Hypnotherapy & NLP This book is amazing! Although the author considers it to be the "manual" of the course rather than another book about Hypnotherapy and NLP, I reassure you that it is the best I have read! Having completed NLP Practitioner's course with Dr.Bandler..I was really drawn into this one! It is well structured and very analytic, including several examples from transcripts of real sessions. It covers quickly the basics ..delivering really useful information on how & when to perform certain processes ..what to look for, how to deal with "surprises .. I recommend you browse the CONTENTS ..and you will have a very good idea of what it covers…’

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