Levels of Training Courses

Foundation Level

Courses can be accredited by the GHSC at Foundation Level where they demonstrate that they meet the minimum requirements in terms of face to face training and teaching through other methods. Whilst we do not acknowledge graduates at this level to be qualified as full Practitioners, they are eligible for registration within the GHR at Affiliate status. However, in line with the GHR policy of promoting safe practice and encouraging ongoing development within the field, Affiliate status registrants do not feature on this website and all therapists currently holding this grade are required to meet the criteria for Practitioner Level status before they may be included.

Practitioner Level

Courses can be accredited at Practitioner Level by the GHSC where they demonstrate that they meet all learning outcomes required to ensure their graduates comply with relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy as set down by Skills for Health with an appropriate ratio of face to face training and teaching through other methods. The Hypnotherapy NOS, together with a Core Curriculum, have now been re-mapped as national Training Standards and graduates of such courses are eligible for registration at Practitioner status within both the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the profession’s voluntary regulator, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

For information on the GHR’s current research project with respect to a ‘Virtual Classroom’ option to physical, in-person attendance tuition, please click on the ‘Training Standards’ link above.

Advanced Practitioner Level

Whilst every therapist listed within the GHR website has successfully completed a course of training accredited at Practitioner Level (or its equivalent) by the GHSC and we therefore consider them to be fully qualified to offer hypnotherapy services to the public, we nonetheless recognise the need to offer ongoing training opportunities to those practitioners who wish to further their knowledge and skills beyond this point. Hypnotherapy is progressing rapidly as a serious healthcare modality and as it does, so the demands for advanced training will undoubtedly increase. We are naturally keen to continue our efforts to ensure the highest standards and are confident that properly presented advanced courses will prove invaluable as continuing professional development, improving our services to the public. Such courses will invigorate hypnotherapists’ work by teaching new knowledge and techniques, developing critical and analytical thinking, cover less commonly taught presenting issues, more ways to motivate clients and maximise success, and sophisticated questioning skills. Additionally, they will teach practitioners how to deal with awkward clinical situations, advanced ethical and logical thinking, and the value of hypnotherapy research, as well as developing reflective practitioner skills.

Applications are welcomed from training schools wishing to gain this status for their own advanced courses. To that end the Advanced Practitioner Training framework is available upon request from HQ at

Degree Level

None currently available.

Distance Learning Courses

Whilst practical, face to face tuition is a vital component of hypnotherapy training, theoretical training via online / distance learning can certainly play its part in providing excellent preparation for practical tuition. Although the GHSC recognises the relevance of quality distance learning programmes, we nonetheless concur with the generally accepted view that a significant level of practical instruction is vital before a person would be ready to commence actual practice as a hypnotherapist. Consequently, the GHSC does not recognise or acknowledge someone to be a practitioner unless or until they have completed the required amount of practical tuition.

N.B. For the avoidance of doubt, only graduates of practical courses of training may register with the GHR and only those whose practical training hours meet the requirement for Practitioner Level are listed within the website.