Bulletin: December 2021

2nd December 2021

May we wish all our Registered Students, Practitioners and Training Providers


A Very Happy & Peaceful Christmas and New Year


We have again been most grateful for your continued support during what has been, and continues to be, an extremely testing time for us all. With uncertainty for the future uppermost in many peoples’ minds, it becomes even more important that our profession continues to provide help and support to those who seek our services and in so doing, add our not insignificant efforts to the wider health community that perseveres tirelessly for the wellbeing of all.




Royal Society of Medicine – The David Waxman Lecture:

‘Hypnosis and Cancer: Quo Vadis?’


We have been requested by the RSM to advise our Registrants of the above David Waxman Lecture.


This hybrid event will provide insights into how hypnosis can be employed to reduce psychosocial distress in cancer patients. Practical details about how to carry out various interventions for cancer-related problems will be presented, and the evidence base to justify their use will be reviewed, with particular reference to clinical trials.


Finally, suggestions will be made for future research and clinical work.


At the end of this meeting, there will be a delicious dinner where you will be able to meet professional like-minded individuals, network, and relax. Please tick the dinner option when booking to attend in-person at the RSM in London.


There is growing evidence that hypnotherapeutic interventions can be very helpful in minimising cancer-related distress; improving quality of life before, during and after treatment, and ameliorating various treatment side effects.


There is also evidence that hypnotherapy and related interventions can produce measurable neuroendocrine and immunological changes which may have beneficial effects on post-surgical recovery and tumour progression.


During this event you will:
• Learn about the various hypnotic techniques used in order to reduce the progression of tumours and manage stress in cancer patients.
• Discover empirical evidence to support these techniques.
• Learn how hypnosis can have positive effects on the immune system and on neuroendocrine functioning.


Your key speaker is Professor Leslie Walker, Emeritus Professor of Cancer
Rehabilitation at the University of Hull, UK. Until 2009 when he retired from the NHS and the University of Hull, he held the Foundation Chair of Cancer Rehabilitation and was the Clinical Lead for the Division of Cancer in the Postgraduate Medical Institute. He was also Director of the Oncology Health Service, and a founding member of the Faculty of the Hull York Medical School (HYMS).


Since the 1970s, he has used hypnosis to treat a range of clinical problems, and he has carried out five randomised clinical trials to evaluate the effects of hypnotherapy, primarily in cancer-related distress. He is a former Member of the Council of the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis and, in 2015, was made an Honorary Life Member of the British Association for Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.


Venue: RSM, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE
Date: Monday 13 December 2021
Time: 3:30pm to 10:00pm, the live stream is 4:00pm to 7:00pm (GMT)
RSM member: In-person is £14 – £46, live stream is £12 – £24.
Non-member: In-person is £26 – £84, live stream is £22 – £44.
Optional dinner: £55 (in-person delegates only).
CPD learning applied


Event and webinar bookings:

Tel: 020 7290 2991 Lines are open Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm




The European Congress for Integrative Medicine 2021 –

Follow Up


Following the successful conclusion of the ECIM Conference, 4th to 7th November this year, Sophie Potten, Marketing Director at the ECIM, informed us as below:

“It has been a challenging few years for everyone and we very much appreciate your support during this time. Moving the congress twice and then eventually going online was very unsettling, but we are delighted to report with the help of the Integrative Medicine community, the congress was a huge success. More than 600 people attended from 46 countries over the four days and the feedback to date has been fantastic. None of this would have been possible without the support of all the organisations and societies involved and we are extremely grateful, thank you.


Looking forward to the year ahead, as we were unable to run ECIM in London this year and there appears to be a big demand for an in-person congress, we have launched a brand-new congress called Integrative and Personalised Medicine 2022. The event incorporates an international exhibition and three conferences (Integrative and Personalised Medicine Conference, Integrative Mental Health Conference and The College of Medicine Food on Prescription Conference):


We would love to work with you again on our next event. Please let me know if this would be of interest and if so, I will send over further information.”


The GHSC & GHR were pleased to be Supporters of ECIM 2021Conference, especially as the event proved to be a great success, with over 600 attendees from 46 countries, 125 speakers and over 130 poster presentations.

If you were not able to attend, recordings of the sessions are available to purchase here




Scam Alert!


We have received the following scam alert from GHR Senior/Advanced Practitioner, Garry Coles and we advise all Registrants to remain vigilant, particularly as scams of all types appear to be very much on the increase:


“Not sure if this was just targeting hypnotherapists or business in general, (although I know of another couple of hypnotherapists that have been targeted). A very convincing scam but luckily, I didn’t fall for it.


I was phoned by a man claiming to be a bailiff, a Stuart Beaver on tel. number 07513 351565. He told me I could verify his license information on the bailiff database (correct).


He read out my name and address and asked me to confirm whether I would be in between 2:15 and 3:15. When I asked why, he said his team were en route to deliver a High Court writ for non-payment of a CCJ and were instructed to enter the property and take goods. He claimed £3,600 was owed and this would increase with bailiff fees if not paid immediately.


When I said there was obviously some mistake as this was the first I’d heard of it, he said ‘That’s what they all say’.


He then proceeded to tell me that I had agreed verbally in 2017 with OMS media for a Google AdWords free trial and claimed there was a recording of it. He also claimed there was a recording of me agreeing to cancel in writing if I didn’t want to proceed into a paid contract. He claimed I didn’t cancel and neither did I pay OMS media. He further claimed that they had sued me in Lincoln Court in February but I failed to attend the hearing and so judgement was therefore made against me.


He said he was trying to help me mitigate the charges and the easiest option was to pay prior to the bailiffs arriving. He said that it would be very difficult and costly to reopen the court case and they would get the police to assist them in entry to take goods prior to that happening. He was very convincing even when I said a couple of times that I thought it was a scam.


He also gave me a case ref number and the phone number of The Bailiffs Office at Lincoln Court (01522 300732) for me to check. I said I’d take a chance with the bailiffs and hung up.


I phoned the number and got a recorded message from the court, with options.


Something didn’t seem right, so I hung up. Upon investigation I suspected this to be a scam number as the recording sounded as though it may have been recorded from phoning the real court number.


I checked online and found a different number for the Bailiffs Office at Lincoln court. I phoned that number and got the same recorded message with options.


Once I got through and spoke to someone, they confirmed the whole thing was a scam. No bailiffs turned up at my door. It has since been reported to the police.”


Ed.- Garry further stated that it was very convincing and we can well understand why it would cause the recipient a significant level of panic.




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