Bulletin: November 2014

17th November 2014

Notice from the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council


You will no doubt be aware that the GHR is an acknowledged Verifying Professional Association within the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the body set up with government funding to protect the public by providing a UK voluntary register of complementary therapists, As a consequence of that status, we endeavour to support the CNHC in its activities to raise both the awareness and profile of complementary healthcare whenever we can.


As part of its work in this area CNHC would like to hear from practitioners who are working in the NHS, or have had a successful local initiative of some kind to bring complementary therapies to the attention of either the public or to health and social care services.


Whether you are currently registered with the CNHC or not, if you have something you think they would be interested in, please contact them at and title your email: Practitioner Success Stories.

The CNHC is working hard to promote the whole complementary field (including Hypnotherapy) and they are now beginning to see some tangible success. If practitioners are also willing to contribute to this vital work on an individual basis, it can only assist in speeding the progress of acceptance for the benefit of all.


For those who are not registered with the CNHC (but who may wish to consider doing so), you may download the application form relevant to GHR Members at


Notice to CPD Providers


Please review the following items for your consideration.


Offering your CPD via distance learning


It is an inescapable fact that CPD opportunities offered via distance learning are becoming increasingly favoured amongst delegates.
The main reasons for this are presumably the popularity of online technology and the convenience and lower financial commitment that this format offers – e.g. no travel or accommodation expenses, flexibility of participation.
To the CPD provider, the benefits are not dissimilar – e.g. no venue, refreshments, travel or stationery expenses.
Some of the CPD providers who feature courses in our listing already offer a version of their courses in a distance learning format. This can consist of one or several elements – e.g. reading materials, assignments, webinars, Skype, telephone, email support.
The booking and payment procedure for featuring distance learning courses would be exactly the same as featuring personal attendance workshop/seminars, except that you would naturally receive money owing to you before you provided the respective delegates with the course materials.
Whilst there will always be a requirement for personal attendance workshops/seminars, there is most certainly a place for distance learning opportunities in today’s world.
If you would like to feature a distance learning course, please email full details for inclusion to: or


Opportunity to feature other products


We also understand that many CPD providers offer a variety of products beyond just courses. Consequently, our listing service is now expanding its facility to feature other relevant items.
Products could include (but are not limited to): books, digital items (CDs, MP3s, downloads), scripts, business/commercial opportunities, training products etc.
The booking and payment procedure for featuring such products would be exactly the same as featuring courses, except that you would naturally receive money owing to you before you provided the respective delegates with the product.
If you have products mentioned here or have something else on offer and would like to consider featuring it within our listing, please email full details for our consideration to: or


NEW: CPD Listing Service – New User Friendly Search Facility & Layout


Due to the ever increasing number of CPD items featured, the items have been listed according to Type of CPD, Location and Topic to make searching quicker, simpler and easier. Please view at:


NEW: CPD Listing Service – New Loyalty Offer


From now, if someone purchases 3 CPD items through our CPD listing service within 1 calendar year, they will receive a 10% Discount off their 3rd purchase.
(N.B. The 10% discount will be covered by CPD4Therapists listing service and not the CPD providers.)



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