Bulletin: October 2013

9th October 2013

The Complementary & Natural Health Council (CNHC) is awarded Accredited Voluntary Register status:


As anticipated within the GHR’s July ’13 E-Bulletin, we are delighted to report that the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (the regulatory body for complementary healthcare in which the GHR is an acknowledged Professional Association and holds Verifying Organisation status) has announced that its register has been approved as an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA). The CNHC’s voluntary register has been accredited *with conditions (Ed. – see below) under this new scheme set up by the Department of Health and administered by an independent body, accountable to Parliament.

Under the scheme, patients, service users and the public will be able to choose a complementary therapist from a register vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (the Authority).

Announcing the AVR accreditation at the industry show Camexpo, CNHC’s chair, John Lant, commented: “Today marks the next step for CNHC as the voluntary regulator for complementary therapists. I’m delighted that CNHC has met the Professional Standards Authority’s rigorous standards, and practitioners on the CNHC’s register can now use the new CNHC Accredited Voluntary Register quality mark. This reinforces the confidence that the public, employers and healthcare commissioners can have in choosing CNHC registered practitioners.”

Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said:
“We are pleased to accredit with conditions the CNHC’s register of practitioners. Bringing complementary health practitioners into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality. The scheme supports choice and offers enhanced consumer protection to anyone looking for health and social care services, and gives complementary health practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment.”

The Accreditation by the Authority has been awarded *with two conditions. First, CNHC is required to publish a simplified complaints procedure and second, it must deal satisfactorily with all outstanding complaints. The CNHC had been given until 31st October 2013 to meet these conditions but Margaret Coats, CNHC’s Chief Executive confirmed: “I’m pleased to say we’ve already completed the work required to meet these conditions and have submitted it to PSA.”

Many registrants have already been verified by the GHR as meeting the required standards and are now included within the Hypnotherapy Section of the CNHC’s register. Those who have not yet applied but would like to consider CNHC registration may do so by downloading the relevant Request to Register form, completing and returning it to the GHR for verification.

Please note that registration within the CNHC is not a substitute or replacement for registration within the GHR. The CNHC is a Regulatory Body whose essential function is to protect the public who use the services of complementary practitioners, whereas the GHR is a Professional Association whose essential functions are to oversee and maintain standards for registration and to provide both credibility and a range of professional services to its registrants.

Any registrant who may be unclear on the relevance or implications of the above development may contact the GHR for further advice in the matter.



Enhanced GHR Website Directory Profiles:


Following the successful launch of our new website and in line with our commitment to further consolidate our online presence, we are pleased to announce the next stage of the site’s development.
*Registrants now have the option of an Enhanced Directory Profile page on the GHSC/GHR website.

Beyond the standard profile page, which *Registrants already enjoy as a benefit of their annual GHR subscription, the new Enhanced Directory Profile page will additionally include: profile picture; embedded & linked out Google maps of your practice location/s; various fields in which to enter your own written content; save profile and print profile options.

To view an example Enhanced Directory Profile page click here

In order to ensure accuracy and to fully maintain standards, all Profiles will be reviewed and published by our specialist team. As a consequence of the additional and ongoing workload entailed, an annual fee for the Enhanced Directory Profile page of either £35 or £40 (depending on preferred payment method) will be applicable. Naturally, all subsequent updates and amends that may be required throughout the year are also included within this fee.

The Enhanced Directory Profile page is entirely optional and *Registrants who prefer not to take up this service will continue to enjoy a standard profile page on the GHSC/GHR website included as part of their annual practitioner registration fee.

If you would like to apply for an Enhanced Directory Profile page please click here

(N.B. A Training School Enhanced Directory Profile has also been created for training providers. To apply please click here).

Once we have approved your application and received payment we will replace your current standard profile with the Enhanced Directory version.

In this technological age, we are certain you will appreciate the advantages that high profile exposure within a premier online directory can provide – and at an extraordinarily competitive price.

We shall look forward to receiving your application and the opportunity to thereby further promote your therapy services.

*Excludes Affiliates. Those registered at Affiliate status do not feature on the website and cannot therefore participate within this scheme.



Brain Tumour Charity Announcement – Hypnotherapists Sought:


(Ed. – We have been requested to circularise the below information, which we feel may be of interest to our registrants):

Brainstrust ( is the brain tumour charity that offers a unique support service to people who are coping with this condition.

Working in conjunction with Helen Bulbeck director of operations for Brainstrust, a list of nationwide hypnotherapists is being created to provide a charter of hypnotherapy services to help those who are coping with a brain tumour. This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved with this special charity and to raise our profession’s standing in the charity sector, with a coordinated approach.

The brainstrust hypnotherapy charter will deliver on the following criteria to help towards a better quality of life:

Manage anxiety
Reduce stress
Manage the experience of pain
Build confidence and optimism
Prepare for surgery and promote post-operative healing
Reduce side effects of treatments, nausea and fatigue
Optimise a healthy lifestyle – building resilience, establishing healthy eating & assisting with sleep patterns

Our expectation is that hypnotherapists who apply for this programme will have:

1. Passion, flexibility and empathy
2. Professional hypnotherapy qualifications – with a recognised accredited body
3. Appropriate Professional Liability Insurance. (Therapists must satisfy themselves that this provides cover for working with clients who may present with epilepsy)
4. A willingness to attend a one day, not for profit training. (A delegate fee only will be charged, which will include refreshments and a sandwich lunch)

Created and presented by Helen Bulbeck and award winning Hypnotherapist Louise Baker, the training will cover:

1. The Language of Brain Cancer – Patterns and Treatment pathways
2. A Best Practice White Paper – mapping professional skills to the Brainstrust hypnotherapy services charter
3. Practical discussions: What to do and when – scenario planning.
4 Duty of care, i.e. self care and client care. Therapist practice & skills work. Therapist practice – skills demonstration
5. Introduction to, and overview of, the coaching approach used by Brainstrust – philosophy and values

The intended outcome of the training is that you will have more confidence to work with those diagnosed with brain cancers and their carers and that you will feel confident, supported and aligned with the values of this amazing Charity. The training also seeks to create an alignment between the qualified hypnotherapist and the values of Brainstrust.

N.B. Participants will be welcomed onto a simple list as a result of participation and meeting professional standards and insurance requirements. We expect all participants to bring the required documentation to training for verification. Participants will also self certificate their credentials. The presence on the web will be your name with a link to website and location by town. There will be a discussion about therapist preference for voluntary / fee based work on the day.

Scheduled dates:

The not for profit workshops are limited to 20 places and will run at a central London University location on:

Saturday, 7th December 2013 – Registration 9.45am – 10.15am. Close 5.15pm. Refreshments and working sandwich lunch included
Saturday, 25th January 2014 – Registration 9.45am – 10.15am. Close 5.15pm. Refreshments and working sandwich lunch included

Fees & Booking:

The participation fee is £47.00. This is not for profit training and any residual funds will be placed with Brainstrust for the development of their services. Fee payable in advance by bank transfer or cheque. Please call Louise Baker for more information on 07714 711262 or email her at




Advanced Level Diploma Announcement:


Karen Bartle, MSc, and Paul Peace, PhD, are enrolling now for their Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy course. This course has been running since 2010 and has been popular amongst GHR members. This substantive and engaging course builds on initial diploma trainings, providing new knowledge, skills and techniques. It is a valid CPD which, on successful completion, provides practitioners with an advanced qualification (AdvDipH), and enables GHR members at Practitioner level to upgrade their membership to ‘Advanced Practitioner’ status. The course offers flexible study and payment options, a 300+ page manual, and is completed by distance learning. To request a prospectus, please email Karen at

(Ed. – Paul Peace produced his Framework for GHSC Accredited Advanced Practitioner Level Training specifically for the GHSC’s use and it remains the basis upon which all training schools seeking Advanced Level for their courses or individual practitioners seeking Advanced Practitioner status within the GHR are assessed.)




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