Bulletin: September 2016

26th September 2016

GHR Practitioner Strikes Gold at Rio 2016


We salute GHR practitioner and Paralympian, Karen Darke, an athlete with the British Para-Cycling team, for her Gold Medal victory in the Women’s hand-cycling time trial race at Rio this year. She has overcome her disabilities to achieve some wonderful things in her life, including skiing across Greenland, climbing various mountains and winning World Championships.


An extract from her Wikipedia entry reads:

“In 2006 she took part in an expedition which crossed Greenland’s ice cap whilst sitting on skis using her arms and poles to cover the 372 mile crossing. She has also climbed Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and El Capitan and hand-cycled, skied and swam the length of Japan. In 2009 she was a bronze medal winner in the Para-Cycling World Cup after which, in 2010, she became a member of the British Para-Cycling team. She won two silver medals in the women’s H2 road race and time trial events at the 2011 Para-Cycling World Cup which took place in Sydney.

At the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London on 5 September, Karen won a silver medal in the Women’s road time trial H1–2 and in the Women’s road race H1-3 competition, on 7 September, she finished fourth. After crossing the finishing line holding hands with team mate Rachel Morris, both in a time of 1:43:08, Rachel Morris was awarded the bronze medal.

In October 2012, she competed in her first ITU Paratriathlon World Championships. She won the gold medal in her TRI-1 classification.

In 2014 Karen took a silver medal in the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships in South Carolina in the H3 time-trial, following it up with a bronze in the H3 road race.”


Perhaps the above extraordinary achievements were, however, just a rehearsal because on 14 September 2016 Karen won the gold medal in the Women’s time trial H1-3 at the Rio Paralympics.


GHR trainer and practitioner *Matthew Ferguson has been coaching Karen, helping her build confidence using mental imagery and visualisation. Matthew worked with her on the run-up to the London Paralympics where Karen won her Silver Medal, also in the hand-cycling time trial race. She continued to work with Matthew and has now secured a Gold Medal in Rio.


*Matthew is tutor in Hypnotherapy at Motivation Training, a school he runs in Scotland. Matthew says “The work we teach here at Motivation Training gives our graduates the tools to help others overcome so many things in their lives”.


For further inspiration visit: and




Advances and Challenges in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Hypnosis and the David Waxman Memorial Lecture

We have been contacted by Verity Cotton, Events Co-ordinator of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), on behalf of its Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine Section who are hosting the above event on Monday 12 December 2016 and who has requested our assistance in promoting this exciting opportunity to our membership.


You are invited to join their annual lecture to remember David Waxman, a founding member of the Section and where, this year, they focus on the advances and challenges in the cognitive neuroscience of hypnosis.


Devin Terhune, who was chosen for his studies on individual differences in conscious awareness, will be presenting this 2016 David Waxman memorial lecture. He will be addressing consciousness and its top-down regulation from the purview of cognitive neuroscience with a specific focus on time perception and hypnosis.


The memorial lecture will also feature Dr James Moore, Dr Quinton Deeley and Dr William McGeown and they will explore the cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychiatry of hypnosis and mindfulness.


At the end of the meeting, it is hoped that attendees will have:

Comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge regarding the brain mechanisms of hypnosis.
Current knowledge regarding the sense of agency and its disruption in healthy and clinical populations and in hypnosis.
Comprehension of the outstanding issues and challenges for the emerging neuroscience of hypnosis.


To view the full event programme and to register, please visit


Delegates are also invited to register for the post meeting Christmas dinner (for which there is a £55 charge).




International Hypnosis Convention – London Venue Announced

We have been requested to post the following item and sincerely hope that you will consider attending in order to ensure that this important event is supported by the profession as widely as possible:

4th International Hypnosis Convention: 28-30th October 2016 Hilton London, Canary Wharf


We are pleased to announce that Swiss based Hypnosekongress.NET is bringing its unique style of International Hypnosis Convention to London this October. This convention already has gained a solid reputation in Europe as being a truly open, inclusive and international affair. All hypnosis organisations, training schools and individual practitioners are welcome, with the emphasis being on sharing knowledge and enhancing the profession.


With so many top international and domestic speakers in attendance and with so many interesting and varied presentations on offer, all our guests have an unparalleled choice as to who they want to see. Guests are also invited to attend the traditional Gala dinner and presentation on the Saturday night.


Additionally, we will be offering a number of pre and post convention seminars and workshops (which can be booked through the main website) to take your learning even further still. This really does promise to be a truly amazing event.


For more information click the link below and take advantage of the early bird prices.

(N.B. The website is continually being updated with more information).



We look forward to seeing you


Nick Ebdon & Hansruedi Wipf




Freelance Assessor for Training Providers


We have been requested by Senior/Advanced GHR practitioner, Susan Ricketts, to circularise the following item which will be of interest to training schools / providers, especially if they have courses accredited at Practitioner Level by the GHSC, as assessment of students by someone other than the trainer is a requirement of that accreditation:

“Do you deliver hypnotherapy training but don’t have the time or experience to develop a comprehensive assessment programme?


Are you an individual provider who requires an external assessor to fulfil the CNHC assessment requirements?


An essential element of a professionally accredited course is that the training establishment collates evidence of student competences achieved which are cross-checked against the performance and knowledge based criteria of the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy as follows:


SFHCNH1 Explore and establish the client’s needs for complementary and natural healthcare,
SFHCNH2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients
SFHCNH23 Provide Hypnotherapy to Clients.


This information can exist in a portfolio format for every student completing an accredited diploma in Hypnotherapy and contain the various evidence based activities that support each of the performance and knowledge based criteria.


I provide a comprehensive assessment package and advice and guidance on hypnotherapy diploma assessment procedures including:


Prior learning assessment templates
Student skills assessment checklist
Initial assessment templates – including learning styles templates
Student portfolio templates which include the NOS performance and knowledge base assessment cross check templates
Student feedback sheets – including peer assessment templates
Review checklists
Guidance on how to provide effective and invaluable feedback to students which encourages students to develop and grow with confidence
CNHC compliance – the CNHC guidelines, require accredited student work to be assessed by someone other than the initial trainer– this may either be by an external person or by someone internal provided that they have had no personal involvement with the training of the students they assess.

This package will provide your students with a sense of accomplishment knowing that their work is being assessed, verified and validated.


Contact Susan to find out more on 07801 783236 or 01622 721389 or email


Prices vary according to package options selected.




The GHR Administration Team

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