Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Advice for Practitioners UPDATE

30th March 2020

Dear Colleague

Further our advisory notice circulated to all GHR Registrants on 19 March ’20, we have updated this in accordance with current Government rulings.

You should now discontinue all face to face sessions (i.e. with the physical presence of the client) until further notice.

The only exception to this would be in cases where you believe (and preferably have been so advised by the client’s GP) that an interruption in face to face therapy would seriously affect the client either mentally or physically, and always provided that neither you, nor the client, nor any person with whom either of you lives has displayed any symptoms of Coronavirus for the last two weeks.

For those clients who do attend, there should be no physical contact at all, including hand shaking, and the physical distance between client and therapist during sessions should be set at a minimum of two meters and be maintained at that minimum distance at all times.

A facility for client hand sanitising and cleansing, both before and after each session, should be available.

Practitioners should remember to cleanse their own hands thoroughly after each client, especially where documents or other items of any kind have been handed to the practitioner by the client.

As it has been reported that the virus can live for up to 72 hours, and possibly longer, on certain surfaces (which will include door handles, stair rails, work surfaces, clothing and furniture etc.), it is advisable to use disinfectant cleansing wipes or sprays as appropriate on any chair or other surface that the client has had contact with.

The above guidance is, of course, not exhaustive and there will undoubtedly yet be further forthcoming instructions from Government that practitioners would do well to, or be obliged to, heed. (For current and ongoing Government rulings and advice on the situation, please visit ).

It is, of course, perfectly legitimate for practitioners to conduct sessions by remote means (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Face Time, video link, telephone etc) and for those who may wonder about the protocol for such communications, please visit the GHR Code of Ethics at and scroll down to the Online & Remote Therapy section at Clauses 32 – 40.

For those practitioners who do not yet have the facilities and technological skills to work remotely, we would recommend that they investigate the availability of suitable courses in this modality.

At all times, please remember that the maintenance of your own health is paramount in order to ensure that you remain fit and able to provide help to others.

So – stay safe and keep your family, friends, clients and others safe by doing everything possible to ensure that we all get through this most difficult of trials.

N.B. The GHR fully intends to maintain an uninterrupted service for both its Registered Practitioners and enquiries from the public for the duration.





The Administration Team


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