Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Returning to Working Face-to-Face – Important Update

26th June 2020

Returning to Working Face-to-Face – Important Update


Dear Colleagues


We are now able to update you on the following Government directives. These currently vary for UK’s separate regions as set out below:




As of 4th July 2020 the following restrictions have been relaxed:

The 2-metre social distancing rule has been relaxed to “1 metre plus” where 2 metres is not possible. (N.B. This means that where 2 metres is not possible, people are encouraged to have mitigation in place to reduce the risk of virus transmission).

Hair salons and barbers can reopen, but visors must be worn.

Consequent to the above it would appear that Registrants who can maintain the 2-metre social distancing requirement and who have full infection control measures in place may return to face-to-face work from 4th July, always provided that their Professional Indemnity insurance allows for this.




According to a recent announcement from the Northern Ireland Executive, ‘contact’ retail businesses, such as those offering hairdressing and beauty treatments, can re-open on 6th July.

Consequent to this, the above advice for England will be applicable from 6th July.




A possible date of re-opening for non-contact therapies is 13th July but this date has yet to be confirmed.




Self-employed Registrants in Scotland cannot yet return to face-to-face practice and should therefore continue to work remotely where able to do so.

(N.B. Once the Scottish Parliament has declared the same relaxation as in England above, we would assume that face-to face working, again with the insurance proviso, would be permissible).


Advisory Resources on Preparation

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (, in which the GHR is a Verifying Organisation for those who wish to register within its Hypnotherapy Section, has issued recent guidance on preparing to return to work for its Registrants (many of whom are registered within the GHR) and this extremely comprehensive material may be viewed from here.

Mark Wilson, Principal of the GHSC affiliated training school, Evolve Minds Hypnosis Academy, has created a workshop entitled ‘Reopening for Business after Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control’ that could be of significant value to practitioners prior to their return to face to face working.


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