Kerin Webb (GHR Registrant, GHSC Affiliated Training Provider)

21st December 2012

Our experience of the quality of service provided to us by the GHSC and the GHR is that it is consistently of a very high calibre. GHSC and GHR representatives are always very professional, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. What’s more, the GHR Bulletin which is provided to GHR members as a part of the service is a valuable source of information regarding developments in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in general, and in Hypnotherapy specifically, that would otherwise require significant time-consuming research on the part of lone practitioner to duplicate. It’s clear that members are able to turn to the GHR for advice when needed and for support in promoting their businesses and can through membership of the GHR democratically influence the way the profession of Hypnotherapy continues to develop and regulate itself, which is vital to ensuring that collective representation is maintained.