About the GHR

We are structured as a commercial sector administrative agency, resourced by specialist CAM administrators and therapists, and registration is open to any practitioner who is able to satisfy the criteria with regard to training and who commits to all ongoing requirements as determined from time to time by our overseeing body, the GHSC.

Along with the GHSC, we were a key participant within the Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation whose primary purpose was to facilitate agreed standards within the profession and to subsequently bring about Voluntary Self-regulation (VSR), an officially recognised status, for the entire industry. To facilitate this, the Group actively co-operated with other industry representatives within the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum (a body established by the now defunct Princes Foundation for Integrated Health) and as a consequence VSR was finally established via the Department of Health funded Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) when it admitted Hypnotherapy into its regulatory system on 1st December 2010. Since that date all GHR registrants holding full Practitioner Level status (or above) have been eligible (subject to our verification of their credentials) for fast track registration within the CNHC (Read more).

Apart from the day to day administrative duties of maintaining the Register of Practitioners, our essential responsibilities are in ensuring that all GHSC dictates in respect of training requirements and practitioner registration criteria are strictly adhered to, and that all complaints brought against our registered therapists under the Code of Ethics and Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure are properly referred to the GHSC for appropriate action.