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Although I work with a range of issues and concerns my main focus is on anxiety, stress, self-esteem and skillsbuilding, I like to educate and empower my clients so they are equipped with the tools they need with confidence.

I believe in a holistic approach to well-being (mind, body and spirit), my work stems from my own experience and subsequent deeply held belief that we all possess the tools needed to attain the levels of balance and harmonythat many spend a lifetime looking for. My journey started with Pilates and mindfulness movement, and after the tragic loss of my son; a deep and life shattering trauma which, at my lowest points, I was convinced I would never recover from. I was presented with a choice. The same choice that we are each given every day. To get worse, or to get better. My path then expanded into studying psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT®). Through a combination of therapies, both mental/emotional and physical, I have got to where I am today and now that I know first-hand the amazing results these methods can have, I am making it my personal mission to share them with as many people as I can. Life can be tough so anything I can do to ease someone’s path brings meaning to my life.

My journey, and my experiences have truly gifted me with a wide breadth of knowledge on a range of approachesto improving quality of life. My main focus is helping people with stress and anxiety & improving confidence and self-esteem and general life skills for improved well-being, I also offer these tools as a proactive treatment, equipping people particularly younger adults and teens with skills before they are urgently needed, which is relevant in these times.

The Hypno-CBT® model is an integration of social, cognitive and behavioural psychology and psychotherapywith a contemporary approach to hypnosis. Hypno-CBT® is an “evidence-based” approach to hypnotherapy. The approach is esteemed within the profession and is widely known for its scientific approach as well as being accredited and recognized by several of the leading organizations in the field.

The methods used are based on research into the characteristics of hypnosis and clinical research into the efficacy of hypnosis, CBT, mindfulness and the integration of hypnosis and CBT. The fusion of hypnosis, CBT and mindfulness generates a powerful toolset that creates an integrated mind-body psychotherapy approach which helps clients to effect deeper and longer lasting change, healing the divide that exists between mind & body (psychology & physiology).

Qualifications, Training & Experience

Lucia Poulter BSc DipCBH & Accredited Mindfulness Teacher

· BSc (Hons) Psychology
· Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy)
· Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnosis· Certificate in Behavioural Hypnotherapy
· Certificate in Cognitive Hypnotherapy
· Certificate Mindfulness Teacher training (UK College of Mindfulness Meditation - Mindfulness Now – Certification)
· Fully certified advanced Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates instructor
· Internationally certified Ashtanga yoga teacher
· Reiki level 1&2

Fees & Availability

1 session - £90
5 sessions - £360

I frequently run specials which can be found on my website

I work flexible hours, every weekday and am available evenings or weekends on request.

I work collaboratively with my clients, after an initial session we will agree on a treatment plan and number ofsessions needed. Hypnotherapy doesn’t require years of treatment but some conditions may require moresessions. Most people notice positive changes from the first session.

Further Information

I work from home when permitted and online through Zoom
House calls can be arranged, travel time will be charged pro rata

Initial consultation is 75-90 minutes (no extra charge)
Standard session 60 minutes


· Anxiety States
· Stress
· Confidence Building
· Authenticity
· Skills Building
· Relaxation
· Repatterning maladaptive thought patterns
· Neuroplasticity

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